Bump Betty Does it Again!

It's the biggest non-event of the year, but this year you weren't invited. Bump Betty said 'invite only', and we think it's because she wanted her boy-toy Matt Nottage to win again.

Just kidding. Bump Betty loves anyone with a set of abs. It just so happened that Matt Nottage had the best ones again in 2017, for the third annual event that's not actually an event.

Wonder what all this is about? Bump Betty is an informal race that has been going on for the last three years on the Sunshine Coast. There's no governing body. No rules. No safety requirements. No insurance. No prize money (well, there was a few $1 and $2 coins thrown around last year) and most importantly. No bull. It's a downwind race from point A to point B, and the wind gods seem to LOVE Betty and her race. It all started with a cryptic post on the Seabreeze.com.au forums in 2015, telling everyone to go and find a written note at Cotton Tree. Someone found the note, posted it on the forums, and Betty became a legend.

Like most legends, nobody really knows much about Betty. Just that there's a race run in her honour every year, and this year, it was won by Matt Nottage and Kate Baker. They won what looks to be a piece of foam wrapped in some Duct Tape, and the 24 lucky paddlers who were invited had a CRACKER of a downwinder.

Look out for Betty's posts next summer, as she prepares for the biggest, and best non-event in 2018!

And to see what you missed out - check out the forum thread about the 2017 event here